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Romero Britto

Romero Britto is a pop artist born in Brazil in 1963. Today, he is the highest expression of pop-contemporary art with touches of Picasso's Cubism, Jasper Johns' details and Chagall's irreverence. His work is characterized by the use of bright colors, harmonious forms, everyday themes accompanied with a visual language of hope, positivity and happiness, a reflection of himself. His work is visually charming and traps anyone who sees it. He is an artist who thinks that art is too important not to be shared. He says, "To me, art reflects the celebration of the simple and good things in life. This is what's most important to me". Britto participates actively in charity organizations, he fights for the environment and for the well-being of people. -His paintings and sculptures are displayed across five continents in over 100 galleries. -He is known globally, his works were in the Louvre museum. -In 2007, he established a foundation that supports education and well-being for children. -He created a living canvas performed by the Cirque du Soleil in celebration of the Super Bowl XLI.